Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation Review, Details and Functionality

Apple has released yet another new iPod Nano device, the sixth generation in these amazing devices. The iPod nano has been a long standing winner in small, portable music devices. Having a good price point and easy usage they are great devices for anyone wanting portable music. The nano is favoured particularly for those with an active lifestyle who like to use the device on the go.

There have been many changes to the sixth generation device; this has been one of the most significant jumps for the nano since the introduction of video.

The first and most obvious change for the iPod nano is the introduction of a large multi touch screen as the centre of the device. The famous iPod wheel has been removed and replaced with this screen. So now all of your controls of the device are done through finger motions on the screen.

The large advantage to this design is that the whole device has become significantly smaller as there is no need for a screen and a wheel making the nano even more compact.

The touch screen gives added controls and usability to the device as you would expect, making it a smoother experience when looking at photos and movies.

The second large change to the device is the addition of a clip on the back of the device, similar to the current iPod shuffle device. This clip is great, especially for those who use their nano during exercise and sports. It removes the need to purchase an additional holding device such as an arm band and allows users to simply clip the device to any portion of their clothing.

A few other changes is the removal of some of the functionality from the software for a focus on simplicity. There is no camera and no video playback which means you know what this device is for: playing music. There is no cross over from this device against say the iPod touch.

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